Who’s running this joint?

I’m Jeff Fry, a musician who plays various instruments—some better than others. I also sing. I write and record music in a variety of styles. I also enjoy listening to various types of music.

I enjoy doing a lot of things on the computer, including web design, graphics, gaming, and of course, working with music. Currently, I use Macs for virtually all of my computing activities, except gaming, which I do mostly on a Windows/PC.

I enjoy cycling and have an Austro-Daimler Pacifica road bike. I mostly ride the city streets for recreation and exercise.

I’m also into photography, and have done some professional freelance work. I use Nikon gear, and have both film and digital SLRs, a nice selection of lenses, filters, and other accessories.

I love cats. My significant other and I currently have 3 cats. They are all rescues with special needs. They are great cats, and they get along well with each other. They definitely enrich our lives.

I’m a fairly avid sports fan. My favorite sports are college and NFL football, MLB baseball, college basketball, golf, and auto racing (mainly F1). My favorite teams are the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Cleveland Browns, and the Cincinnati Reds. Hey, I grew up in Central Ohio, so who else would I root for. I also watch the NHL and NBA playoffs, the major tennis championships, and the Tour de France.


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