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I’ve been tweaking this WordPress theme, customizing it to suit my needs, since I first started this blog in November 2008. I think I started out with WordPress version 2.6 and, after various updates, I’m now running WordPress version 3.0.5. Except for a few issues after upgrading to version 2.7.1, my theme tweaks have worked flawlessly throughout. It’s based upon the WordPress Default theme, which is based upon the Kubrick theme (see info below).

I’ve learned enough about WordPress, PHP, CSS, and XHTML that I plan to create my own WordPress theme from scratch in the future. This will probably happen when I find the time to launch my music website ( and, hopefully, my graphics design website (


Custom Theme Info
Theme Name: jf
Version: v1.1
Author: Jeff Fry at Encoded Pixels
Author URI:
Description: WordPress theme based upon the WordPress Default theme (see information below).

WordPress Default theme information:
Theme Name: WordPress Default
Theme URI:
Description: The default WordPress theme based on the famous Kubrick theme.
Version: 1.6
Author: Michael Heilemann
Author URI:

** Please note: this website was NOT functioning properly when I created this page. Hopefully, it will be working again when you read this.

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