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When A Lifetime Warranty Is Worthless

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The good – Good while it lasted

The bad – Good company closes its doors

The ugly – Seems nothing lasts forever


When I built my Windows PC back in 2005, I included an NVIDIA 6800GT video card from BFG Technologies—model BFGR68256GTOCX. It seemed like a great video card for my application, receiving great product reviews from the most reputable websites. You can view its specifications here. Best of all, it came with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Warranty Honored
After about 2.5 years of use, the video card’s fan became dirty. I wanted to remove the fan assembly from the card to give it a thorough cleaning, but worried that might void the warranty. So I called BFG’s 24/7 customer support and was told to just return the card for a replacement. I did, and received my replacement card promptly. I was really impressed with the service. No-hassle product replacement, even for a fully functioning product that just needed cleaning. The replacement card worked flawlessly until last week.

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