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What’s Up?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The good – Working on music

The bad – Collaboration may not work out

The ugly – A sad situation for my friend


It’s been over a year since my last post. So what have I been doing? Several things, including working on music. I’ve been writing new songs and recording demos.

A Collaboration?
Last October, I asked a guitarist, singer, and songwriter friend of mine from my old hometown in Ohio if he’d like to collaborate on music with me. We played music together for a while in the mid-1980s, first at jam parties, then later in a band. We reconnected in January of 2007 and have been exchanging email messages on a weekly basis since, talking about music, sports, old times, and our current lives.

But things have been slow to develop in our music collaboration. We’ve identified some of his previously-written songs that we might record, and some of mine. I’ve written a few new songs specifically for this collaboration. I’ve also recorded some demos of my songs, both old and new, for him to scrutinize, critique, and collaborate on. But his efforts and contributions toward this collaboration have been very limited.

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