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Keyboard Synth Problem Just A Bad MIDI Cable

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The good – Keyboard synth is okay

The bad – Lost recording time

The ugly – I thought the keyboard was toast



The other day I pulled my Kawai K5000S digital additive synthesis keyboard out of storage to use in my recording session. I plugged in the power cord, turned it on, and plugged in a pair of headphones to make sure it was working. All was okay. I found a few sounds on it that I thought might fit a song I was working on. I turned it off, grabbed two MIDI cables, two audio cables, and connected the keyboard to my Pro Tools rig.

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A Good Data Backup Plan

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The good – It can save your bacon

The bad – It’s inconvenient, time consuming, and expensive

The ugly – Even the best plans can fail


The other day I was retrieving Pro Tools session and audio data files for a music project I’m working on. I loaded the first of four CD-R discs which held the backup data. I successfully transferred all of the data files except one audio file, which contained a recorded instrument track. The error message said that the file could not be retrieved due to data error. In other words, the file was damaged. I made note of the name of the missing file, then loaded backup disc two. This time all files were retrieved except two audio files, both containing recorded instrument tracks. The error message was the same as before. I made note of the file names and moved on. I successfully transferred all files from discs three and four without issue.

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