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WordPress Update Merry-Go-Round

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The good – Improvements?

The bad – Their updates break my theme

The ugly – I’ll waste time updating my theme


I just upgraded this blog’s WordPress software to version 2.7.1 two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it broke parts of my custom theme I worked so hard to create. To fix it will require several hours of work. It seems to be a php and code words issue.

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A new look for this site

Friday, December 5, 2008

The good – You don’t have to provide an email address to post a comment

The bad – But you still have to type in the reCAPTCHA message code

The ugly – If I receive too many “inappropriate” comments—spam, profanity, etc.—I will revert back to requiring an email address


Exactly one week ago, I installed WordPress, set up this blog site, and posted my first message, “Welcome to my blog.” Since then I have posted a few more messages, and done a lot of research about WordPress in general, and WordPress themes in specific. Although I know enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous, I am a total beginner with WordPress and PHP.

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Welcome to my blog

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The good – I got this blog up and running

The bad – Since this is my first blog, and thus my first experience with WordPress, it took me all day to get it going

The ugly – I had to miss watching some football to get this done


This blog still looks pretty ugly, as I haven’t had time to tweak it. And there’s not much content here, yet. But, all that will change, as I find time to learn about WordPress, and work on this blog.

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