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Hackers and Spammers are Scum

Monday, December 12, 2011

The good – Nothing

The bad – They are a bunch of losers without a real life

The ugly – They are trying to ruin the Internet


I get a bunch of spam email every day. I just delete them without reading/opening them.

This web site gets spam comments nearly every week. My spam filter catches them and I delete them. I require ALL comments to be approved by me before they are posted, just in case a spammer’s comment might fool my spam filter, which hasn’t happened yet.

This web site has been the target of hackers many times. Fortunately, my web site has proven to be secure to this point, and all attempts to gain access have failed. My logs show where the hackers have tried to gain access, and the IP address the attack was launched from. The IP addresses track back to locations all over the globe. However, I doubt that any of these IP addresses are the actual source of the attacks, since it is easy to use a proxy server to hide the true IP address.

If a hacker ever does manage to gain access to my site, and alter its contents, I will immediately shut down this site. I can’t take the chance that they’d use it to post pornography, for terrorist purposes, or any other vile or malicious purpose.

Yep, it’s a strange world that we live in, filled with all types of losers, weirdoes, and scumbags—people without a meaningful purpose in life, and no real life at all, actually. Be aware.


Bye-bye Norton Products

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The good – FREE at last

The bad – Norton products cause problems

The ugly – Norton’s incompetent tech support


I’ve lived with the hassles and horrors of Norton products on my Windows PC since I built it in 2005. First there was Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2005, a suite with anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection. I had some problems with it, and dealing with Norton’s tech support proved frustrating and VERY time-consuming.

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I hate blog spammers

Monday, August 3, 2009

The good – Spam is only marginally okay as a food product

The bad – Spam & spammers are ruining the Internet

The ugly – Laws need to be enacted & enforced to stop all spam


I may shut down this blog site due to spam. I’m growing tired of it being bombarded with spam. Thank goodness I have Akismet & Spam Karma 2 installed. They have stopped all attempted spam comments.

I suppose I could go back to using a CAPTCHA anti-spam solution. This would stop the automatic spam bots. But I always hate it when I run into a CAPTCHA on the web. It’s such a hassle. I normally just quickly exit the site and move on. So why would I want to subject nice people, who only want to post legitimate comments on my blog, to such nonsense?