When A Lifetime Warranty Is Worthless

The good – Good while it lasted

The bad – Good company closes its doors

The ugly – Seems nothing lasts forever


When I built my Windows PC back in 2005, I included an NVIDIA 6800GT video card from BFG Technologies—model BFGR68256GTOCX. It seemed like a great video card for my application, receiving great product reviews from the most reputable websites. You can view its specifications here. Best of all, it came with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Warranty Honored
After about 2.5 years of use, the video card’s fan became dirty. I wanted to remove the fan assembly from the card to give it a thorough cleaning, but worried that might void the warranty. So I called BFG’s 24/7 customer support and was told to just return the card for a replacement. I did, and received my replacement card promptly. I was really impressed with the service. No-hassle product replacement, even for a fully functioning product that just needed cleaning. The replacement card worked flawlessly until last week.

BFG Goes Out Of Business
I tried to call BFG to get a replacement for the failed video card, but received the dreaded recorded message stating that the number was no longer in service. So I did a web search, thinking that BFG must have changed its phone number. Much to my dismay, I read that BFG had closed its doors in 2010. So much for the Lifetime Warranty.

According to a report on the web, BFG stated “BFG Technologies Inc. is in the process of winding down and liquidating its business. Unfortunately, our major supplier would not support our business.”

According to another report on the web, BFG also stated that they were discontinuing offering graphics cards because it “is no longer profitable for us…” I wonder if that was because NVIDIA’s video cards could no longer compete ATI’s models?

In any event, it’s sad to see yet another small, U.S.-based computer hardware company go out of business. They seemed like a good company, offering good products and great customer support.

Replacement Video Card Found
I was able to find several appropriate replacement video cards to choose from on eBay. Some were used, some were refurbished. All were available for a fraction of their original cost. I’ve purchased a couple of them, and will probably buy another—always good to have a backup card or two.

Now my PC is back up and running like new. I’ll try to keep this, now 7.5 year old, PC running as long as possible. I built it with bleeding-edge components at the time. It has performed well and been very reliable, for a PC, so far.


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