Shattering Plexiglas

The good – Hopefully, this will be the event that “shatters the Plexiglas”

The bad – His self-destructive behavior may put his NFL career in jeopardy, and land him in prison

The ugly – Unfortunately, children, teens, and young adults look up to him, and other professional athletes and entertainers, as role models


In the latest edition of “How to destroy a very lucrative, multi-million dollar a year career,” New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico (“Plexiglas”) Burress stated that he “accidently shot himself in the leg” at a nightclub in midtown Manhattan. Why was he carrying a gun?

Newsday reported Burress has a concealed weapon permit from the state of Florida that expired in May 2008. However, the states of New York and New Jersey do not recognize permits from Florida. Why would he need to carry a concealed weapon?

According to an Associated Press story, Burress faces a weapons charge, and will enter a not guilty plea. He also will certainly be investigated by the NFL under its Personal Conduct Policy, and will probably face suspension from the NFL. Adam “Pacman” Jones and Michael Vick have been suspended under this policy for their repeated brushes with the law.

Too many professional (and even some amateur) athletes and entertainers seem to think that they are “above the law,” and can get away with anything. Unfortunately, our (in)justice system proves them right all too often. If someone can throw, catch, shoot, or hit a ball, make music or appear in movies, do they really deserve “special treatment?”

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the bad behavior of politicians, CEOs, etc. But I’ll reserve those cases for a future rant.

What’s wrong with these people? What’s wrong with this country’s justice system? What does this say about our society’s regard for legal, ethical, and moral values?


One Response to “Shattering Plexiglas”

  1. nc Says:

    We’re such a merit-driven society that we give those who excel more than enough rope to hang themselves while the least of us face the unabated wrath of our legal system.

    It really isn’t fair. OTOH, I doubt it will change, unless we trade merit for some other attribute and then give those who possess it the same free pass we award now for merit. IOW, I doubt it will change.

    Doesn’t mean I like it.