Now Walking All Three Cats


The good – They enjoy it, & so do I

The bad – Twilight doesn’t like the harness

The ugly – Buddy gets spooked easily


You may have seen my previous post about taking my cat Louis for walks on a leash. Louis begs me every day to take him outisde. He is an old pro now. Cold, rain, and even snow do not deter him from going out, although he tries to find clear spots when there’s an inch or more of snow on the ground. He also doesn’t like being pelted with steady rain, and will stay close to the house, under the roof’s overhang, or on the covered deck. Of course, we always stay on our own property, walking up and down the driveway and around the front and back yard.

We rescued Louis from an animal shelter in 2007. Although Nancy wanted Louis to be “her” cat, he has definitely chosen to be loyal to me. We were told his previous owners allowed him to run outside, and it shows. He’s very comfortable outside, and has been since the first time I took him out. The only thing he shies away from is traffic. He doesn’t panic—that just doesn’t fit “The King’s” personality. He simply turns and starts walking back up the driveway, away from the street.




Twilight Now Begs To Go Out
Twilight was a little skittish at first, but now enjoys going outside. She literally tries to drag me around the back yard, darting from one spot to another, pulling with surprising force. She doesn’t like walking down the driveway, and we’ve not attempted going into the front yard. Although she still doesn’t like to have the harness put on her, she’s beginning to tolerate it better. I think she’s figured out that it leads to her going outside.


Twilight was a stray who showed up at our house in 2004. The first time, she ran away when I tried to approach her. She was back the next day, and came right up to me. She acted starved for attention, and hungry. So we fed her. When she came back again the third day in a row, we were convinced she was homeless. We figured she either was abandoned by her previous owner, or had gotten lost and couldn’t find her way home. We didn’t so much adopt her, as she adopted us. On that third day, when I headed back in the house to get her some more water, she darted inside, trotting off and checking things out. I wasn’t able to catch her until she had made her way up the stairs to the second floor. We took her to our veterinarian, who noticed Twilight had been spayed—not a typical animal shelter spay job, but an expensive veterinarian operation. This seemed to confirm our suspicions that she had previously been someone’s pet.

Buddy Begs Too
Buddy wasn’t very keen on going outside the first few times we tried it. But with encouragement, he warmed up to it a little more each time. He likes to stay close to me, rubbing against my legs quite a lot. But he’s also begun to explore the back yard. He gets spooked very easily though. A strange noise, or spotting a neighbor, is enough to send him into panic mode. I’ll pick him up and try to calm him down, without success. Once he gets spooked, he’s ready to come back into the safety of the house.


Nancy finally found her lap cat, in Buddy. We rescued Buddy from an animal shelter in 2008. We are the only owners he has had. He was born and raised in the shelter. He is part Siamese. He runs and hides every time a “stranger” comes into the house, and now does the same when he sees a “stranger” outside. It’s probably because of being a “shelter cat” for so long.

We Are Blessed With Three Precious Cats
We love them all very much, and they love us in return. Louis is a typical alpha male, that’s why he is “The King.” But Twilight is definitely “The Queen,” and exerts her “authority” over Louis and Buddy with regularity. Buddy is low cat on the totem pole. He understands and accepts his position. He will play rough with the other two cats, but backs down if either of the others tries to put him in his place. In reality, all three of them get along quite well with each other.

All three cats are very loving and charming, in their own unique ways. Buddy is the most insecure, Twilight the most independent, and Louis the most confident. I can’t imagine life without them being around to brighten up our day, and begging to go outside.


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