Walking My Cat Louis


The good – It’s fun and he enjoys it

The bad – He begs for it every day

The ugly – We’ve even gone out in the rain


For about 6 weeks now, I’ve been taking our male alpha cat, Louis, out for walks every day. I put a harness on him—one that goes around his neck and chest—and he’s attached with a leash. We stay on our property, walking up and down the driveway several times, and checking out his favorite spots in the front and back yard. The walks usually last around 15 to 20 minutes, although he would happily stay out much longer.

Louis is very well behaved when we’re out for our walks. He’s learned to go where I want him to go, most of the time. When it’s time to go back in, he’s even started to walk right up to the back door, willingly. He’s so cute when he’s outside. He walks up and down the driveway with such purpose, like he’s on a mission. He occasionally stops to roll on the driveway and sidewalk.

It all started when I would carry him outside with me when I’d retrieve the mail. He really enjoyed it, so I’d take him out for a “carry” almost daily. We’d stop and sit on the back deck sometimes, while I held him on my lap. We rescued Louis from a shelter, and we were told that he was accustomed to spending a lot of time outdoors, even though he had his front claws removed. We don’t let our cats (current or previous) outdoors, because bad things could happen to them.

We currently have two other cats, both rescues, all spayed or neutered. Twilight is the female queen cat of the house. She takes no guff from the other two males, but will play with them until they get a little too aggressive for her, then she lays down the law. Louis, being a true alpha male, doesn’t know when to stop, so we sometimes must separate Louis and Twilight when the fur starts flying. Buddy is the juvenile male of the household. He is part Siamese, and seems to know and accept his place at the bottom of the cat pecking order. Buddy will play rough with Louis and Twilight, but they both let him know that he’s the junior.

I also gave Twilight and Buddy their turns at being carried around outside. Neither of them liked it a bit, even though they, and Louis, all love sitting in the windows and watching everything that goes on in the outdoor world. So I’ve not tried taking Twilight or Buddy out for walks on the leash. It would probably upset them.

We have the harnesses and leashes because I used to take our previous cats out for walks. It was quite a sight, with three cats together on their leashes. Walking cats is nothing new for me. When I was a child I had a Siamese cat that I walked on a leash. A cat on a leash isn’t something that you see every day, and you should see the looks on the faces of the passersby when they notice that it’s a cat, and not a dog, on the end of the leash. :-)


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