Welcome to my blog

The good – I got this blog up and running

The bad – Since this is my first blog, and thus my first experience with WordPress, it took me all day to get it going

The ugly – I had to miss watching some football to get this done


This blog still looks pretty ugly, as I haven’t had time to tweak it. And there’s not much content here, yet. But, all that will change, as I find time to learn about WordPress, and work on this blog.

I will write about a variety of things. Things that I like and don’t like. Things that make me happy or mad. Things that are good, “right,” wrong, or stupid. Topics will include: music; sports; politics; justice; injustice; “stupid human tricks;” and anything else that I might want to share, or get off my chest.

Of course, the opinions expressed on this blog will be exclusively my own. You can agree or disagree with me, when posting your comments. But, I want to keep this blog “PG-rated.” So please moderate your comments accordingly, so I, the sole judge and jury concerning what’s acceptable, don’t have to.

So check back later to see what I’ve done to the place. There should be some “lively” discussion ahead.


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